Day: December 14, 2023

Beato Angelico’s Childhood of Christ (1)

Every year around Christmas, Milan’s Museo Diocesano temporarily hosts a masterpiece: last year, it was the predella from the Oddi Altarpiece, an Annunciation scene by Raphael, while in 2021 we had another Annunciation scene by Titian. This year, the initiative surpasses itself with one of the most complex and articulated works of Fra Giovanni da […]

#AdventCalendar Day 14: Pork Meatballs with Currants

This recipe is based on an XV-century English Manuscript called Harleian #279, and was expanded upon by Maggie Black‘s Medieval Cookery: Recipes and History. Ingredients: 1 kg of cubed pork; 1 liter of beef stock; 300 ml of almond milk (you know how to do this from the Capons in Dorre recipe); 6 tablespoons of […]