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Wired Next Fest 2017

Quando: 26-28/05 Dove: Milano, Giardini di Porta Venezia   Highlight del Programma: [venerdì 26/05] 11:00 Laboratorio di Identità delle Cose. Impariamo a programmare con i nostri smartphone i TAG e le tecnologie NFC e RFID per taggare gli oggetti e connetterli in rete Massimo Temporelli 12:00 La scuola possibile Laura Milani, Guido Icardi 12:00 Imparare ad […]

How we interact with stuff (and cool tools to do it)

Ok, I know, I have to stop your imagination running wild: this article is not going to be about new electric prods to poke your sleeping colleagues. Sorry. If you’re familiar with the work of Gabriele Meldaikyte, or if you ever stopped a minute to think about the different gestures you can make with your fingers […]