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I asked ChatGPT whether it could recognise AI-generated writing

One of the strongest controversies I’m seeing surrounding mainstream AI systems that are able to analyse information and generate coherent text is, of course, taking place in schools. Being an instructor myself, I can’t help but frown when I see teachers that are highly preoccupied with the way students can employ these instruments to cheat […]

I asked ChatGPT to answer some questions on Yoruba history. It did not go well

Throwback from my Patreon: you can read the original article here.   As some of you know, I was finally able to close a deal with a Yoruba cultural association which will act as a consultant for my novel. As such, last week I was honing the final set of questions to submit them, and […]

Technology does not drive change

«It’s my belief that technology does not drive change. Technology merely enables changes. It creates options and opportunities that as individuals and as communities and as entire cultures we choose to exploit. And it’s our response to the technologies that drive change. In other words, first we invent our technologies and then we use our technologies to reinvent ourselves». – Paul Saffo, technology […]

Wired Next Fest 2017

Quando: 26-28/05 Dove: Milano, Giardini di Porta Venezia   Highlight del Programma: [venerdì 26/05] 11:00 Laboratorio di Identità delle Cose. Impariamo a programmare con i nostri smartphone i TAG e le tecnologie NFC e RFID per taggare gli oggetti e connetterli in rete Massimo Temporelli 12:00 La scuola possibile Laura Milani, Guido Icardi 12:00 Imparare ad […]

How we interact with stuff (and cool tools to do it)

Ok, I know, I have to stop your imagination running wild: this article is not going to be about new electric prods to poke your sleeping colleagues. Sorry. If you’re familiar with the work of Gabriele Meldaikyte, or if you ever stopped a minute to think about the different gestures you can make with your fingers […]