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Merry Christmas: the self-quarantine, the advent calendar(s) and writing my brains out

Good evening, my darlings. I apologize for not sharing any update, but things have been crazy: lots of clients haven’t been working for months, this year (their choice: they didn’t trust people to work from home) and they just discovered that – oddly enough – December, 31st didn’t move. It’s like your regular closure for […]

The Longest December Ever (a.k.a. Week #2 from the Red Zone)

Oooook, the week-end started off with a blast. Specifically, it started off like this. I have never had a panic attack in my entire life, so it might as well have been a stroke. Even if, in moments like these, you discover lots of highly educational comparative tables: is it a stroke or is it […]

…aaand we’re back! The quarantine backstage (& other stories)

We’re back, ladies and gentlemen, we’re back with a vengeance. As of tomorrow, my region will be declared “red zone” and we will be in lockdown. We have red zones, orange zones, and yellow zones and it feels a little bit like Risiko.As opposed to what is being referred as “the first wave”, where my […]

Not My Phase 2

Well, darlings, here we are.Last Monday, the Italian government officially started what they called Phase 2 of Lockdown, meaning more factories could restart and more businesses could reopen shop. This, of course, doesn’t apply to education. Restaurants could also reopen, if only for takeaway, and we were able to have sushi and pizza, this week. […]

BIM.ExecutionPlanning: epiche, pattern e usi del modello

Lo so, da quando è iniziata l’emergenza sanitaria sto scrivendo pochissimo (a parte i consigli di lettura del lunedì), ma credo tutti i liberi professionisti sappiano come si configura una crisi del genere: le giornate scivolano via in conference call, riunioni di coordinamento, revisione delle offerte e nel cercare di portare rassicurazione, empatia e conforto […]

I am enraged

Have you not been listening to me? Has anybody been listening to the voices appealing to compassion, solidarity and the need for kindness? Has anybody have been fucking listening to me? I am enraged, this morning, and it doesn’t seem to be getting any better, so I said to myself “go and write a rant: […]

Un BIM Execution Plan per la ricostruzione

Questo sabato 18 aprile, avrò il piacere di dare il via ad un ciclo di quattro lezioni in cui si vedrà la stesura collettiva di un BIM Execution Plan, il piano d’esecuzione di un progetto BIM. In particolare svilupperemo il nocciolo del piano, ovvero la parte relativa a: definizione ad alto livello di obiettivi e […]