Day: December 12, 2023

White Gold: three centuries of Ginori porcelain

When the Richard-Ginori porcelain factory first announced they were having financial troubles, my mother declared a day of mourning, and we had to order pizza. They officially declared bankruptcy in 2013 after leaving a scar in the suburban area of southern Milan, where the 1870 factory suddenly shut down, and the whole city rejoiced when […]

#AdventCalendar Day 12: Nettle Bread

This recipe comes from Hannele Klemettilä‘s The Medieval Kitchen: A Social History with Recipes. She’s a Finnish historian and medievalist living in New York. Her recipe in turn is taken from Ulla Lehtonen’s Ullan luonnonyrtit : luonnon hyötykasvien keruu- ja käyttöopas (literally: Ulla’s natural herbs: a guide to collecting and using useful natural plants). Are […]