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Not My Phase 2

Well, darlings, here we are.Last Monday, the Italian government officially started what they called Phase 2 of Lockdown, meaning more factories could restart and more businesses could reopen shop. This, of course, doesn’t apply to education. Restaurants could also reopen, if only for takeaway, and we were able to have sushi and pizza, this week. […]

I am enraged

Have you not been listening to me? Has anybody been listening to the voices appealing to compassion, solidarity and the need for kindness? Has anybody have been fucking listening to me? I am enraged, this morning, and it doesn’t seem to be getting any better, so I said to myself “go and write a rant: […]

7 times 7

Good evening, my precious and yes, this is your weekly update from what is now the third most badly hitten Country in the world. As I write I’m waiting for numbers to come in, which always happens around 18:30 with the traditional press conference of our Ministry for Civil Defence, but we’re at 124.632 cases. […]