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Merry Christmas: the self-quarantine, the advent calendar(s) and writing my brains out

Good evening, my darlings. I apologize for not sharing any update, but things have been crazy: lots of clients haven’t been working for months, this year (their choice: they didn’t trust people to work from home) and they just discovered that – oddly enough – December, 31st didn’t move. It’s like your regular closure for […]

Marcello Sgambelluri – The Dynamo and Grasshopper for Revit Cheat Sheet Reference Manual

Da anni ormai Marcello Sgambelluri ci regala i suoi workflow, i suoi segreti, i suoi trucchi del mestiere. Qui trovate la raccolta dei suoi canali: podcast, su cui ho avuto il piacere di essere ospite un paio di volte, blog, canale Youtube e l’occasionale fumetto. Istrionico divulgatore, oltre che grande professionista, ha tenuto classi assolutamente […]

2020 Advent Calendar [2] – Sophie Potter

Sophie Potter is a Cardiff-based artist and here‘s her etsy shop. My favourite art from her are the floral illustration with black background (nasturtium and mushrooms) and the city maps with pink background (Paris and Tokyo), or the series of flowers in vintage cans. Particularly indicated if you don’t like winter or if your Christmas […]

The Longest December Ever (a.k.a. Week #2 from the Red Zone)

Oooook, the week-end started off with a blast. Specifically, it started off like this. I have never had a panic attack in my entire life, so it might as well have been a stroke. Even if, in moments like these, you discover lots of highly educational comparative tables: is it a stroke or is it […]

…aaand we’re back! The quarantine backstage (& other stories)

We’re back, ladies and gentlemen, we’re back with a vengeance. As of tomorrow, my region will be declared “red zone” and we will be in lockdown. We have red zones, orange zones, and yellow zones and it feels a little bit like Risiko.As opposed to what is being referred as “the first wave”, where my […]