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Technology does not drive change

«It’s my belief that technology does not drive change. Technology merely enables changes. It creates options and opportunities that as individuals and as communities and as entire cultures we choose to exploit. And it’s our response to the technologies that drive change. In other words, first we invent our technologies and then we use our technologies to reinvent ourselves». – Paul Saffo, technology […]


A friend of mine wrote me a letter. Which is no surprise nor, in any way, unusual. And still. I know, letters are considered to be out of fashion, but I wrote letters in lots of important moments of my life and some of the most important friendships in my life were born out of […]

Romanes eunt domus

Indipendentemente dai meriti calcistici, trovo sia un peccato che il Milan abbia perso la semifinale contro la Lazio, dato che la finale si giocherà proprio a Roma. Con l’occasion della trasferta, avremmo potuto ricambiare il favore. Portare anche noi qualcosa di politicamente provocatorio. Qualcosa di polemico e forte. Non so. Una metropolitana che funziona.