Day: December 15, 2023

Beato Angelico’s Childhood of Christ (2)

Yesterday I published an overview of this temporary display at the Museo Diocesano here in Milan. Today, as promised, I give you a piece-by-piece rundown. Ezekiel’s Vision The first quadrant is the most complex: it depicts two concentric wheels: an inner one alternates the four Evangelists with their effigies alternated to St Peter, Iudas, Jacobs […]

#AdventCalendar Day 15: Partridge in Ginger Sauce

This recipe comes from Moira Buxton‘s Medieval Cooking Today, which in turn takes inspiration from the Harleian manuscript collection nr. 4016. Ingredients (serves 6 people): 3 partridges; a pinch of ground cloves; a pinch of ground mace; 1 litre of beef stock; 150 ml of red wine, plus at least a glass for drinking; 1 […]