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Non riprendo quasi mai in mano ciò che ho scritto in passato, a meno di non dover rettificare delle inesattezze: gli articoli sono figli del loro tempo, cercate di verificare sempre le date e fate la tara ad articoli vecchi, perché potrebbero parlare di strumenti ormai defunti (Flux.io, per dirne una) o di strumenti che […]

Autodesk University 2018 — Our Selection

Post originally authored for the blog of Strategie Digitali, on June 27th 2018. Hey, there, have you seen the amount of classes among which you can vote for next Autodesk University in Las Vegas? It’s incredible. If you haven’t, it’s available here. Confused? Overwhelmed? Here’s our personal selection, along with information about the speakers when […]

Autodesk University 2018 — Proposals Voting Time!

Post originally authored for the blog of Strategie Digitali, on June 13th 2018. It’s that time of the year again. Proposals were submitted for Autodesk University 2018 and now it’s time for the Community to vote on which proposals they would like to see come to life in Vegas next November. These are our proposals, […]

Dear Andrew

Dear Andrew, please bring back the Certified Instructor Program An open letter to Autodesk CEO Dear Andrew, Few years ago, I was undergoing a change of career: I was shifting from what I did before (architectural and interior design, with a particular stress on quality control and construction site management) to BIM coordination and management. […]

Architecture and Gaming – What’s with all the hype?

Architecture and Gaming What’s with all the hype? As I was saying here, when I was presenting the new proposed trends for Autodesk University this year (did you vote yet, by the way?), finding a better way to communicate your architecture, in a more immersive way for all stakeholders, seems to be a new frontier. Now, […]

Fractal 1.0 – Let’s get the basics right

As some of you know, we’ve seen the first demonstration of Fractal at Autodesk University this year and I’ve been trying it out. After 22 hours, my @Fractal_live test project is still going on generating options. Maybe I overdid it a little bit with variables… — Chiara Rizzarda (@CrShelidon) 1 marzo 2017 If you don’t know […]