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Yesterday, prompted by the advice of a colleague I’ll always heed when it comes to culture and art, we organized an impromptu expedition to the theatre to see a play that’s been acclaimed by both the public and critics, a Latvian 4-hours piéce called Rohtko (anagram intended, and I wonder how many people noticed the […]

Wizard Wednesday

After Marionette Monday and Troll Tuesday, here we are with our third day in preparation of the Carnival: Wizard Wednesday. Today I bring you a selection of marionettes and hand puppets of wizards, for your indoor street theatre. Radagast the Brown At Squeaking Tribe, Australian based artists Sol and Sara do handmade marionettes of fantastical […]

Troll Tuesday

No, it’s not a Tuesday in which we troll people: it’s just the natural second day of preparation for Carnival, after a generic Marionette Monday. Today I’ll try and bring you artists who worked on Troll marionettes, hand/finger puppets and masks, for your indoor street theatre. Belgian Masks and Hand Puppets At Theater Didymus, the […]

Spingendo la notte più in là

Come sapete, di solito preferisco parlare di cose scarsamente impegnate e di nessuna importanza, e confesso che un po’ invidio quei blog iscritti a Kilombo e pieni di acute dissertazioni politiche o recensioni di Wu Ming. Avrei forse bisogno di uno psicanalista per capire come mai la "cultura popolare" mi attiri così tanto di più […]