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#AdventCalendar – Day 4: Plum Porridge and Figgy Pudding

Just in case you’re looking to cook up a traditional Christmas dinner looking at the history of England, I recently stumbled upon a couple of dishes used as appetizers in Tudor and Victorian times, so I thought you might enjoy trying them (or not). Plum Porridge and Figgy Pudding are two traditional recipes published today […]

2020 Advent Calendar [22] – Charlotte Hepburne

If you like penguins, Charlotte Hepburne (website here) is your artist because of this card. But she’s also your artist in case you want dinosaurs and owls. Her website is not very friendly for linking stuff, but you can browse her on-line shop, which directs you straight to giftcards and prints. There’s a lot of […]

2020 Advent Calendar [21] – Lizzie Hall

Lizzie Hall is a British designer based in London. Linktree here, website here, Instagram here. on-line shop here and Etsy shop here. If you’re looking for gift wrapping, towels and other wide decorated surface, she’s the artist for you. If you’re looking for somethingh funny, you might want to check out the Festive Pheasant wrapping […]