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#AdventCalendar Day 24: a Renaissance Menu

We’re stepping out of Advent and straight into the Twelve Days of Christmas, so today I thought I’d do something different and special: instead of a recipe from the Middle-Ages, I’ll give you a whole menu from Reinassance and, specifically, the menu Cristoforo da Messisbugo devised for the marriage of Ercole d’Este with the Princess […]

#AdventCalendar Day 22: Seabass in Crust of Bread

Ingredients (serves 4 people): a small seabass for each person (around 300 grams each); olive oil; white pepper; 4 small oranges (remember what we said about bitter oranges when we baked Anne Boleyn’s favourite pie); 3 spoonfuls of rosewater. For the pastry: 300 grams of flour; 100 grams of butter; two pinches of salt; water. […]

#AdventCalendar Day 15: Partridge in Ginger Sauce

This recipe comes from Moira Buxton‘s Medieval Cooking Today, which in turn takes inspiration from the Harleian manuscript collection nr. 4016. Ingredients (serves 6 people): 3 partridges; a pinch of ground cloves; a pinch of ground mace; 1 litre of beef stock; 150 ml of red wine, plus at least a glass for drinking; 1 […]