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Wired Next Fest 2017

Quando: 26-28/05 Dove: Milano, Giardini di Porta Venezia   Highlight del Programma: [venerdì 26/05] 11:00 Laboratorio di Identità delle Cose. Impariamo a programmare con i nostri smartphone i TAG e le tecnologie NFC e RFID per taggare gli oggetti e connetterli in rete Massimo Temporelli 12:00 La scuola possibile Laura Milani, Guido Icardi 12:00 Imparare ad […]


.. You know how I feel about people. There are people you care for, even if you don’t know them. People that inspire you, keep you company and help you a little bit getting through what you have to get through, with the beauty they have within themselves. Their art sheds light on us, every day, […]

Music inspired by The Life and Times of Scrooge McDuck

Well, it’s strange. It’s the second time I find myself in need to talk about music, and I haven’t written about music since… well, since that Amanda Palmer thing in 2012, but it actually involved a graphic novel by Neil Gaiman, so I’m not sure it even qualifies. Maybe this doesn’t qualify either, since it’s music […]