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Giovan Battista Moroni: portraits of his time

Overlooking Piazza della Scala in the stunning building called Gallerie d’Italia, the exhibition explores the production of Giovan Battista Moroni (1520 – 1579) with over 100 paintings and drawings, also featuring books, jewels and a piece of armour. Works from Lorenzo Lotto, Tiziano, Veronese and Tintoretto are also brought in to contextualise the work of […]

Beato Angelico’s Childhood of Christ (2)

Yesterday I published an overview of this temporary display at the Museo Diocesano here in Milan. Today, as promised, I give you a piece-by-piece rundown. Ezekiel’s Vision The first quadrant is the most complex: it depicts two concentric wheels: an inner one alternates the four Evangelists with their effigies alternated to St Peter, Iudas, Jacobs […]

Beato Angelico’s Childhood of Christ (1)

Every year around Christmas, Milan’s Museo Diocesano temporarily hosts a masterpiece: last year, it was the predella from the Oddi Altarpiece, an Annunciation scene by Raphael, while in 2021 we had another Annunciation scene by Titian. This year, the initiative surpasses itself with one of the most complex and articulated works of Fra Giovanni da […]

White Gold: three centuries of Ginori porcelain

When the Richard-Ginori porcelain factory first announced they were having financial troubles, my mother declared a day of mourning, and we had to order pizza. They officially declared bankruptcy in 2013 after leaving a scar in the suburban area of southern Milan, where the 1870 factory suddenly shut down, and the whole city rejoiced when […]

Imperi Calcolatori

All’Osservatorio della Fondazione Prada in Galleria Vittorio Emanuele a Milano è stata inaugurata da poco una mostra chiamata Calculating Empires (Imperi Calcolatori, o Imperi del Calcolo), a cura di Kate Crawford e Vladan Joler. Kate Crawford è l’autrice di libri come Né intelligente né artificiale: Il lato oscuro dell’IA, edito in italiano dal Mulino, ed […]