Author: shelidon

#AdventCalendar – Day 4: Plum Porridge and Figgy Pudding

Just in case you’re looking to cook up a traditional Christmas dinner looking at the history of England, I recently stumbled upon a couple of dishes used as appetizers in Tudor and Victorian times, so I thought you might enjoy trying them (or not). Plum Porridge and Figgy Pudding are two traditional recipes published today […]

La volpe che amava le piccole cose

La volpe che amava i libri è un po’ così: contraddittorio e dolce, delicato e sferzante, straordinariamente intenso a momenti mentre, in altri sembra fermarsi a pensare insieme a noi, proprio come un amico seduto accanto al fuoco. Così scrivevo, un anno scarso da oggi, quando compilavo un’approssimata recensione del best-seller di Nicola Pesce, gentiluomo […]

Autodesk Construction Cloud and BIM360 docs: is your licensing in order?

I know I haven’t posted about BIM and technology for a while, but this was too good to overlook and I would like, if I may, to take you on a strange journey. As many of you know, I’m mostly an Autodesk user, and I’ve been writing about their technological solution for a Common Data […]