Autodesk University 2024 – My Personal Selection (1)

The catalogue of classes for Autodesk University 2024 is here, and I have the privilege of having been selected amongst the speakers, so around October 13th I’ll be flying to San Diego with my significant otter and I’ll bask in a whole week of networking and high-level training. The event includes more than 650 sessions, […]

#MerfolkMonday: the Mermaid Passage at Harvington Hall

Harvington Hall is a moated medieval and Elizabethan manor house located in the hamlet of Harvington in Worcestershire, England. Its moat and artificial island trace back to the 13th century to, and the 14th-century building still survives behind a layer of bricks. The hall was owned by several notable figures over the centuries, including Adam de […]

Pair Programming (and how to achieve it)

Pair programming is a software development technique where two programmers work together at a single workstation. The Roles in Pair Programming are divided between: Driver: the programmer who writes the code, typing each line as the pair collaborates on the solution. Navigator: the programmer who reviews the code as it is being written, offering suggestions, identifying […]