Jane the Fool

When we think about Court Fools, the mind immediately associates them with jesters. We might think of capers, jokes and, eventually, physical disability. This is, however, a concept that was consolidated in Elizabethan times, and there’s a portion of Early Reinassance in which another kind of fool was mostly popular: the innocent. Today we take […]

1701: could you be killed for being gay?

One of the main characters, in the Gothic Novel I’m writing, is a shapeshifter who’s unapologetically pansexual and occasionally gender-fluid, so this was a question I was bound to ask myself. 1701: could you be killed for being gay? Specifically, we assume the character left England in the wake of the 1542 “Witchcraft Act”, being […]

Pride Month 2022 – Margarida Borràs

There’s the widespread narrative that transsexuality is something new and we’re all wound up around something we invented yesterday. And to that narrative we say: fuck you. Representation has never been so important and this is why I’m publishing this string of notes on LGBT+ characters throughout history. Because we have always existed. And we’re […]