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My Little Grand Tour: San Francisco (1/3)

I’ve always dreamed of seeing San Francisco. I don’t exactly know why. Maybe it was all those Charmed episodes (oh, great, now I’ve got the song stuck in my head again and I did not need to know they’re rebooting it). Maybe it’s because I love cities with a hard mix of old and new. Anyway, […]

Mario Carpo: “The Second Digital Turn”

Post originally authored for the blog of Strategie Digitali and published in three parts: – Part 1 on April 23rd 2018. – Part 2, on April 30th 2018. – Part 3, on May 7th 2018.   “Carpo takes the reader on a critically considered and well-informed expedition beyond the horizon of materiality, to a land ruled […]

Claude Izner e il rilegatore di Batignolles

Io adoro Claude Izner e questo è quanto. Da quel lontano 2007 in cui ho messo per caso le mani sull’edizione economica TEA di Il mistero di rue des Saints-Peres. Perché? Perché i romanzi di Liliane e Laurence Korb, le due sorelle francesi che si nascondono dietro allo pseudonimo, sono semplicemente deliziosi, un affascinante e avvincente […]