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Madeleine de Scudéry’s Femmes Illustres – Porcia

Porcia, born on 70 b.C., was the daughter of Cato the Younger, a stoic roman senator of the late republic, and the wife of Marcus Junius Brutus, the infamous assassin of Julius Caesar. Brutus married her after divorcing Claudia, the daughter of his long-time ally Appius Claudius Pulcher, without offering any reason whatsoever. This divorce […]

More 2021 International LEGO Serious Play Conference notes: a conversation with Lukas Zenk

I’m back from Billund, where I have attended the 2021 International LEGO Serious Play Conference, and I already published some of my notes in almost real-time, but I have more material and I’ll be publishing it, after some due polishing, between today and tomorrow. The first set of notes I’d like to share with you […]

Madeleine de Scudéry’s Femmes Illustres – Mariamne the Hasmonean

Mariamne the Hasmonean Mariamne l’Hasmonéenne Mariamne I was a Hasmonean Princess, known for her extraordinary beauty just like her brother, Aristobulus III of Judea. She was the second wife of Herod the Great, a marriage arranged by her mother Alexandra in 41 b.C. They were married in Samaria in 37 b.C. and had four children: […]

Madeleine de Scudéry’s Femmes Illustres – Ἀρτεμισία

Artemisia II of Caria Ἀρτεμισία Artemisia was a commander and naval strategist, sister and wife of Mausolus, ruler of Caria in the Achaemenid Empire. She ruled Caria for two years after his death, succeeding him as satrap, before some of the coastal cities and islands in the Achaemenid Empire revolted against her, on the basis […]