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Pride Month 2022 – Delarivier Manley

Following Aphra Behn’s death in 1689, Delarivier Manley collected her inheritance and brought forward the discourse around the sexual identity of women and the legitimation of female same-sex attraction. She’s one of the “fair triumvirate of wit” with Aphra Behn and Eliza Haywood, a term coined by Irish critic James Sterling. Pathetic Behn, or Manley’s greater Name; […]

Pride Month 2022 – Anne Finch

As we have seen with Aphra Behn, the Restauration period started challenging some of the concepts around women’s desire in both heterosexual and homosexual relationships, with delicate examples of transgender and what we now know to call non-binary relationships taken into account. Anne Finch’s late production let us enjoy a production celebrating what Harriette Andreadis […]