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I asked ChatGPT to answer some questions on Yoruba history. It did not go well

Throwback from my Patreon: you can read the original article here.   As some of you know, I was finally able to close a deal with a Yoruba cultural association which will act as a consultant for my novel. As such, last week I was honing the final set of questions to submit them, and […]


Are you ready for a Norwegian Christmas tale featuring trolls, beheadings and two flowers? Tatterhood is another tale collected by Peter Christen Asbjørnsen and Jørgen Moe, although it never saw its way into Andrew Lang’s collections, and it’s weird, creepy and unsettling, but I also find it extraordinarily charming and has a really nice ending, […]

La volpe che amava le piccole cose

La volpe che amava i libri è un po’ così: contraddittorio e dolce, delicato e sferzante, straordinariamente intenso a momenti mentre, in altri sembra fermarsi a pensare insieme a noi, proprio come un amico seduto accanto al fuoco. Così scrivevo, un anno scarso da oggi, quando compilavo un’approssimata recensione del best-seller di Nicola Pesce, gentiluomo […]