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#ChthonicThursday: Maximilian Pirner

Maximilian Pirner (1854–1924) was a Czech painter and one of the leading figures in the Vienna Secession, a significant movement in art and design that emerged in 1897. At its core, the Vienna Secession was a rebellion against the academic art establishment, which was dominated by historicism and rigid standards: the artists involved sought to […]

Lelwani: the Underworld deity who switched gender

Lelwani, also spelt Leluwani, was a Hittite underworld deity, but their presence is attested way before the Hittite came to Anatolia. In the Hattic culture, Lelwani was considered a male deity and addressed as a “king” when the Hittites, known for adopting deities from conquered or neighbouring cultures, incorporated Lelwani into their own belief system. […]

Harry Siddons Mowbray, “The Marriage of Persephone” (1895)

The artist of this painting was born at Alexandria, Egypt, from English parents but he spent most of his childhood in American after his father died and his mother moved closer to her family. He was adopted by his aunt after his mother died too, in a freak domestic accident. He came back to Europe […]