Month: August 2023

Irene of Spilimbergo, who died of too much art

Spilimbergo, 1538 – Venezia, 1559 Irene of Spilimbergo’s birth and death are both accounted for in her grandfather’s journal, and the latter is recorded as having happened after twenty-two days of fever and a splitting headache for having been too engaged in too much painting. Maybe the cause of her death was having such a […]

Properzia de’ Rossi: first woman on a construction site?

Bologna, 1490 – 1530 When Giorgio Vasari wrote about the Lives of contemporary artists, he included four women in its Part IV: Plautilla Nelli, Lucrezia Quistelli, Sofonisba Anguissola and Properzia de’ Rossi, the titular leader of the chapter including the others. Properzia isn’t as well known as Sofonisba, and why should she? She’s only the […]

Giovanna Garzoni: painter and natural scientist

Ascoli Piceno, 1600 – Roma, 1670 Considered the most prominent miniaturist of the Baroque Era, Giovanna Garzoni distinguishes herself for the production of still lives, parchments painted in a particular style called “a guazzo” and swift impressions in guache that almost seem to come out of another era. Her style alone would make her interesting […]