Month: September 2023

Fede Galizia, the child prodigy

Milano, around 1578 – Milano, 1630 Daughter of the miniaturist Nunzio Galizia and born around 1578, Fede started working at 12 and she’s mostly known for her still lives, though she also worked on the human figure and religious subjects. She started working very early in her father’s workshop, and her first attributed work is […]

Lucrina Fetti, whom she gets mixed up with her brother

Roma, 1595 – Mantova, 1651 If you’re passionate about baroque art, you might have heard of Domenico Fetti. Born in 1589, six years before his sister, he worked for the Gonzagas and Mantova’s churches are literally littered with his work, from the Cathedral’s apse to Sant’Orsola. He’s often described as a naturalist, influenced by both […]

Lucrezia Quistelli della Mirandola, artist and XVI Century detective

Florence, 1541 – Unknown, 1594 Lucrezia was born in Florence from a foreign noble family who had come to Tuscany to enter the Medici’s court: her father was Alfonso Quistelli della Mirandola, a judge, and Giulia Santi, daughter from a long line of humanists and authors. Vasari mentions her as “accomplished in both painting and […]