Let’s Play. Seriously. Let’s Play.

As some of you might know, I recently got my certification as a Facilitator in the LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® method. It was a marvelous experience in London, with Robert Rasmussen himself, alongside a bunch of incredibly talented and eclectic individuals from all around the world. It has been extremely interesting and, to me, these kind of training […]

Digital&BIM – Il BUG nell’arena “Progettazione e Networking”

Se qualche anno fa qualcuno mi avesse detto che avremmo visto una fiera sul BIM e gli strumenti digitali per l’edilizia, mi sarei messa a ridere. E non perché io non abbia fiducia nel livello di dibattito, ricerca, mestiere e sperimentazione, che si può raggiungere nel nostro Paese, lo sapete. Semplicemente perché nemmeno uno spirito […]

Specify my Asset

Yes, I know. Classification Systems are complicated. We already talked about them. They are often presented as “Necessary for BIM” (see the super-sharp article by John McPhee here) when in fact they are not and the reason is simple: BIM-enabling software already works based on a classification system of its own, it is within the very definition […]

Dynamo Meetup – Computational Design in Rome

Tweet riguardo #DynamoMeetup On Friday afternoon we were invited to participate as speakers in an event I wouldn’t hesitate to describe as historical: the first computational design meetup in Italy, held in Rome at the astonishing location of a quite surprising co-working space. The first italian #Dynamo meetup will begin in less than 1 hour […]