Reading List: Lighter Than My Shadow

It’s December 5th and I know I should be remembering something, but I can’t remember what. I probably forgot someone’s birthday and if you’re reading this… sorry, I think. Anyway, I continue with my reading list of graphic novels about gender biases and struggles, gender-based violence, integration and diversity. It’s a list that started on November 25th and […]


Reading List: The Hookah Girl (and Other True Stories)

I continue along the line of what is becoming a reading list on graphic novels around the subject of diversity, gender-based violence and integration in general. Today… The Hookah Girl and Other True Stories by Marguerite Dabaie In this current political climate, being a Palestinian is a hazard. However, there are common grounds where East meets […]


Reading List: Primahood Magenta

Day 6, my reading list continues. November, 25th was the International Day for the elimination of violence against women and I‘m trying to bridge it together with December, 10th (International Human Rights Day) with a reading list on the subject matters of gender equality, support against violence and general awareness around sensitive topics. Today on my reading list… […]