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Post originally authored for the blog of Strategie Digitali, on July 25th 2018. It’s that time of the year again. The season changes, summer comes and our 5-months ride with the Master for BIM Specialists in Lecco comes to an end. This has been the fourth edition of our MasterKeen and a very special edition indeed, […]

Post originally authored for the blog of Strategie Digitali, on July 25th 2018.

It’s that time of the year again. The season changes, summer comes and our 5-months ride with the Master for BIM Specialists in Lecco comes to an end.

This has been the fourth edition of our MasterKeen and a very special edition indeed, for two reasons: the first is that it has been our first edition as a Company and Claudio, free from corporate bonds, was finally able to side with me in teaching to these amazing students; the second is that, doubling the teachers, it was only fair to double the students. Two classes, the Enchanted Forest and Duckburg, faced the journey through steep valleys and dark cliffs… or was that the other way around? Anyway, it has been an amazing journey. As usual, my thanks go to the other teachers: Emiliano Segatto for being the ringmaster, Simone Pozzoli for always being there when things get difficult, the one and only Neri, Davide and Giovanni for giving them solid foundations (pun intended), the one who puts their minds into a blender, the one who makes them dream (and gives them nightmares).

This year, having two parallel classes, it was our distinct pleasure to have the possibility to try some things I could never tried (because, to quote Catherine Zeta Jones, I simply can’t do it alone).

Mauro Sogni rapidly became probably the only expert in how to perform anti-intrusion simulation with a Revit model.

The first addition, after the usual round of feasibility studies on exotic model uses, it was a little bit of model check.
Now, one thing is writing a strategy that works. The other thing is writing a strategy that works, is understandable and someone else can use for his/her own work.
Have you ever tried giving someone else your BIM Execution Plan and see, in a controlled environment, if they understand it and are able to use it for their own part of the work? This is pretty much what they did.

Alessandra Pittau’s report on Arianna Perelli’s strategy and model

This is usually where LODs come into play and this year was no exception. Or was it? You know, one way we like to check our components is in creating a catalogue, or showroom. There are lots of different ways to do it and this year we went a little bit baroque. Maybe a little too much, as some people’s script fell little short of making you coffee while you created your showroom. Anyway, what’s life without a little bit of fun?

Thanks to you, Simone Girgenti: here’s the link to his original post on LinkedIn

We also had a little too much fun, when somebody’s script was not working out of too much curiosity on the Clockwork Package, but we’re glad Andreas Dieckmann himself stepped in and gave us some valuable didactic hints.

PS: there’s no such thing as too much curiosity. Keep opening nodes and disconnect stuff, buddy.

Also because, I know this to be true no matter how hard I try, certain parts of what I do are no fun at all. Even if I try to do ISO 12006, OmniClass and UniClass with banans and amusement parks.

Between classification, implementation of LODs and Document Management, it has been a tough month.

Create Sheets from Excel: it’s an evergreen


Create Views for all Levels and match types: another evergreen.


Rename PDFs: this is new and Claudio talks about it here.

Other additions we made this year were an expanded Dynamo Gardening module (because, we know, modelling landscape with Revit can be a pain), a new angle on clash detection as theme-based clash prevention, an expanded workshop on how to deliver a decent COBie, a cross-referenced workshop on the joys of IFC, hints of Fractal, hands-on real-time first-person shooter in Unreal on the course dataset, a Datashapes module on how to create your own magic button.

But one thing we were puzzled and proud to see, were the results of our Buildability Workshop, which unexpectedly turned into a computational design hackaton.

Simone Corio, Simone Girgenti, Luigi Terribile, Matteo Santi
Mauro Sogni, Umberto Piezzo, Andrea Begnardi, Alessandro Tondin
Luca Rosati, Pasquale Idone, Roberto Polizzotto
Anelica Crisci, Caterina Falvo, Domenico Longo, Gelso Sabelli
Cinzia Agnello, Eugenio d’Orazio, Giuseppe Esposito, Ergi Zyberaj
Luca Rosati, Ilaria Guardascione, Arianna Perelli, Alessandra Pittau
Antonio Rusconi, Matteo Sala, Giuseppe Terracciano, Serena Laporta
Sara Forliti, Tommaso Gangai, Viola Ligori, Vesy Parrinello

At the end of so much fun, it was also fitting that the master thesis work was something equally challenging.

The group had the chance to work on a piece of history, a beloved building by both Milan and anybody who knows anything about the history of sport. In this very velodrome, on this very steep wooden track, Fausto Coppi set the hour record at 45.798 on November 1942, while Milan was experiencing the first wave of the heavy bombings that will see its peak in 1943. Between October and November, while he was cycling here, 12 bombs of 4.000 lb, 56 sized 1000 lb, 2276 incendiary bombs of 30 lb and 28.500 incendiary bombs of 4 lb. That’s 104.000 lb of “regular” bombs and 182.280 lb of incendiary explosives being dropped on this man’s head. That’s pretty much 129,85 tons of explosive. Then 1985 came and if you’re from Milan you know where I’m aiming. The building has gone through several renovations, was operational for a while and then was closed. Now it’s part of Citylife and there’s hope to see it open again.

Our guys did an amazing work on building up a model from the point cloud survey and we’ll find a chance to present it properly as soon as possible, because it’s really remarkable. Meanwhile, a leave you with a group shot in the wonderful velodrome (see if you can spot who’s not a student) and, as usual, with the names of these amazing guys. It has been quite a ride: see you around.

Ergi Ziberaj
Cinzia Agnello
Giuseppe Esposito
Eugenio D’Orazio
Luca Biancolini
Ilaria Guardascione
Arianna Perelli
Alessandra Pittau
Matteo G. Sala
Antonio Rusconi
Giuseppe Terracciano
Serena La Porta
Tommaso Gangai
Sara Forliti
Viola Ligori
Vesy Parrinello
Alessandro Tondin
Andrea Begnardi
Umberto Piezzo
Mauro Sogni
Caterina Falvo
Angelica Crisci
Domenico Longo
Gelso Sabelli
Marco Zampar
Pasquale Idone
Luca Rosati
Roberto Polizzotto
Simone Corio
Simone Girgenti
Luigi Terribile
Matteo Santi


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