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Architecture and Gaming – What’s with all the hype?

Architecture and Gaming What’s with all the hype? As I was saying here, when I was presenting the new proposed trends for Autodesk University this year (did you vote yet, by the way?), finding a better way to communicate your architecture, in a more immersive way for all stakeholders, seems to be a new frontier. Now, […]

Fractal 1.0 – Let’s get the basics right

As some of you know, we’ve seen the first demonstration of Fractal at Autodesk University this year and I’ve been trying it out. After 22 hours, my @Fractal_live test project is still going on generating options. Maybe I overdid it a little bit with variables… — Chiara Rizzarda (@CrShelidon) 1 marzo 2017 If you don’t know […]

Autodesk Live

I recently did a test on Enscape, and I was thrilled by its smoothness and many functionalities. Autodesk guys must have heard me, since a few days later they launched a service called Autodesk Live, which seems to be doing something similar. It takes your Revit model and allows you to: – render it better […]

BIM360 docs: your friendly document controller

Ok. Autodesk has a history of small cute experimental apps that never see the light of day or, depending on luck, don’t survive the night. And the place where stuff is born (and dies) is Autodesk Labs. Do you remember Project Freewheel, for instance? It wasn’t much, but it was a cool tool to share […]