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Deadpool #2

Ok, I’ve had to think about this long and hard (and beware when you use these kind of expressions, giving that I’m talking about Deadpool). I also watched the first movie again, because Science! and I finally reached a decision: I loved the first one, but I enjoyed this sequel even more. Spoilers ahead. Don’t […]


I would like to take home one thing from this movie, which was bad in quite an unsurprising way. Well, ok, maybe it’s more things, but one is really more important and it’s this one: when you have a global conspiracy on your hands, and I mean it in the sense that the globe is the […]

Upcoming tv

I’m behind with… well, pretty much everything when it comes to tv series, but here are more things to be behind in watching, this summer. Aside from new seasons of tv shows I’m really behind with (House of Cards, Orphan Black) and things I was up to date and I’m following (Dark Matter, Preacher), here’s […]