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I would like to take home one thing from this movie, which was bad in quite an unsurprising way. Well, ok, maybe it’s more things, but one is really more important and it’s this one: when you have a global conspiracy on your hands, and I mean it in the sense that the globe is the […]

Upcoming tv

I’m behind with… well, pretty much everything when it comes to tv series, but here are more things to be behind in watching, this summer. Aside from new seasons of tv shows I’m really behind with (House of Cards, Orphan Black) and things I was up to date and I’m following (Dark Matter, Preacher), here’s […]

Mucho Mojo!

Last year, Sundance aired a tv series inspired by the noir novels of Joe R. Lansdale, featuring an odd couple of improvised detectives in southern USA. The two off characters are portrayed by James Purefoy, who plays white pacifist labourer Hap Collins, and Michael Kenneth Williams who plays the hot-headed gay Vietnam veteran Leonard Pine. As […]


a.k.a. when you name your heroine after a porn star you’re looking for trouble I like cartoons and I’m not ashamed of saying it. At the risk of shocking you, I was a kid too. And, even more shocking, I actually was a girl. Yeah. I know. Therefore not only I like cartoons but I […]

The Founder

a.k.a. mind who you trust in business. Well, it’s been out for a while and I’ve been wanting to this movie for a while, only I havent’t for a string of events that bear an irony I can’t get into, considering the subject of the movie. Anyway. As you might now if you now me, I’m quite the […]