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A Lay of St Nicholas (another Ingoldsby Legend)

A “lay” is a form of poetry, as I have had the chance of explaining when I wrote about “The Lay of St. Cuthbert”, and this one is part of the works known as The Ingoldsby Legends, a collection of humorous pseudo-folklore put together by Thomas Ingoldsby of Tappington Manor, pen name of clergyman Richard Harris […]

The Lay of St. Cuthbert (another Ingoldsby Legend)

A few weeks ago, I talked about Arthur Rackham, one of my favourite illustrators, and his works. One of his works was illustrations for an obscure collection of weird tales, called The Ingoldsby Legends, and they caught your attention. I already brought you one of the tales: today, I bring you another: “The Lay of […]

The Leech of Folkestone (one of the Ingoldsby Legends)

As I had the chance of introducing here, I love Arthur Rackham and, after having focused a lot on Kay Nielsen’s work, I feel I should dedicate some attention to him as well. I poured some works he illustrated in this post, but some of the stuff deserves more attention. The Ingoldsby Legends, or Mirth […]