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Goodbye Flux

Post originally authored for the blog of Strategie Digitali, on March 31st 2018. As you probably know, we’ve been strong advocates of the concept behind Flux.io: share data, not models. We firmly believe this is the future of collaborative BIM: stop all this madness of poorly converted files, bad import and worst export; just let […]

How to Get your City into Revit (via Flux Site Extractor)

Did you ever find yourself in the position where you badly needed the surroundings of your project but didn’t have any? That’s right. My heart goes to our fellow surveyors, but sadly enough you rarely ind yourself in a position where clients are willing to pay handsome money merely to give you what you need in order […]

Just a tiny experiment with Flux.io

a.k.a. how the hell did you manage without Flux all this time? When it comes to software and architecture, you have software that is considered to be cool and software with popularity issues. As a recently published case study demonstrates, Rhino and Grasshopper are still considered to be cool, but like medium-cool, like that chick who used to […]