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High Waters at Catfish Bend (a Mardi Gras story)

During the 1960s, around twenty years after building concepts and characters for what had become the Toad segment in The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr._Toad, at Walt Disney Studios they started working on two stories that are weirdly connected to The Wind in the Willows: the play Chantecler by Edmond Rostand, which was supposed to […]

Wizard Wednesday

After Marionette Monday and Troll Tuesday, here we are with our third day in preparation of the Carnival: Wizard Wednesday. Today I bring you a selection of marionettes and hand puppets of wizards, for your indoor street theatre. Radagast the Brown At Squeaking Tribe, Australian based artists Sol and Sara do handmade marionettes of fantastical […]

Troll Tuesday

No, it’s not a Tuesday in which we troll people: it’s just the natural second day of preparation for Carnival, after a generic Marionette Monday. Today I’ll try and bring you artists who worked on Troll marionettes, hand/finger puppets and masks, for your indoor street theatre. Belgian Masks and Hand Puppets At Theater Didymus, the […]

Let us have some Carnival stuff

Well, we came out of Christmas and I was really sad, but January is gone and we have something di look forward to, at last. Carnival is a festive season of street parties, masks, parades and theatrical improvisation. It is usually between February and March, during the preparation period historically known as Shrovetide, and its […]