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The Founder

a.k.a. mind who you trust in business. Well, it’s been out for a while and I’ve been wanting to this movie for a while, only I havent’t for a string of events that bear an irony I can’t get into, considering the subject of the movie. Anyway. As you might now if you now me, I’m quite the […]


Well, I’m rather excited. Ok, more like hysterical and on the verge of a breakdown but still, really really excited. Just a few days and we’re going to be off for Singapore, where we’ll take part in BILT asia (formerly known as RTC). And when I say “we”, of course I mean me and my […]

Simply Complex Podcast, Episode 06

I’ve had the pleasure and honour of being hosted by no less than Marcello Sgambelluri himself in episode 06 of his Simply Complex podcast series, this week! If you have never heard it, I strongly suggest you check it out. His chat with Adam Sopko is particularly interesting: you can find it here. I really hope you’ll enjoy […]