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1701: could you be killed for being gay?

One of the main characters, in the Gothic Novel I’m writing, is a shapeshifter who’s unapologetically pansexual and occasionally gender-fluid, so this was a question I was bound to ask myself. 1701: could you be killed for being gay? Specifically, we assume the character left England in the wake of the 1542 “Witchcraft Act”, being […]

Pride Month 2022 – Margarida Borràs

There’s the widespread narrative that transsexuality is something new and we’re all wound up around something we invented yesterday. And to that narrative we say: fuck you. Representation has never been so important and this is why I’m publishing this string of notes on LGBT+ characters throughout history. Because we have always existed. And we’re […]

Pride Month 2022 – Delarivier Manley

Following Aphra Behn’s death in 1689, Delarivier Manley collected her inheritance and brought forward the discourse around the sexual identity of women and the legitimation of female same-sex attraction. She’s one of the “fair triumvirate of wit” with Aphra Behn and Eliza Haywood, a term coined by Irish critic James Sterling. Pathetic Behn, or Manley’s greater Name; […]

Pride Month 2022 – Anne Finch

As we have seen with Aphra Behn, the Restauration period started challenging some of the concepts around women’s desire in both heterosexual and homosexual relationships, with delicate examples of transgender and what we now know to call non-binary relationships taken into account. Anne Finch’s late production let us enjoy a production celebrating what Harriette Andreadis […]

Pride Month 2022 – Khnumhotep and Niankhkhnum

In 1964, Egyptologist Ahmed Moussa made an astonishing discovery: a tomb, in the necropolis at Saqqara, nearby the paved, raised road leading to the pyramid of King Unas. The tomb was a mastaba, a flat-roofed structure rising with sloped external walls from a rectangular footprint that had been typical during the Early Dynastic Period and […]