Month: February 2021

Rackham’s water maidens: the Little Mermaid

When I talked about Arthur Rackham, quite some weeks ago it seems, I mentioned that two themes might have been worthy of a separate discussion: his love for twisty trees and his portrayal of water-nymphs, mermaids, water-maidens such as Woglinde, Wellgunde, and Floßhilde and my personal favourite: Undine. So this Sunday I step out of […]

#BIMpill – Programma di innovazione

La “pillola” di oggi riguarda il concetto di programma all’interno di un piano di innovazione aziendale. Si tratta di un concetto definito da Axelos all’interno del loro framework Managing Successful Programmes, che dovrebbe riposare sul comodino di ogni BIM manager (o aspirante tale). Managing Successful Programmes (MSP®) represents proven good practice in the successful delivery […]

A Lay of St Nicholas (another Ingoldsby Legend)

A “lay” is a form of poetry, as I have had the chance of explaining when I wrote about “The Lay of St. Cuthbert”, and this one is part of the works known as The Ingoldsby Legends, a collection of humorous pseudo-folklore put together by Thomas Ingoldsby of Tappington Manor, pen name of clergyman Richard Harris […]

Autodesk Revit per le infrastrutture

C’è una nuova pubblicazione, sullo scaffale, e questa volta non è mia. Federico Nigro e Sandro Pellegrinetti hanno raccolto le loro esperienze professionali e in ambito formativo, e hanno messo insieme un fascicoletto per l’utilizzo di Revit nella modellazione informativa di un progetto di infrastrutture. Tecniche base, trucchi e tutto ciò che serve sapere per […]

High Waters at Catfish Bend (a Mardi Gras story)

During the 1960s, around twenty years after building concepts and characters for what had become the Toad segment in The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr._Toad, at Walt Disney Studios they started working on two stories that are weirdly connected to The Wind in the Willows: the play Chantecler by Edmond Rostand, which was supposed to […]