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Integrating Building Envelope Design between Revit & Rhino Using Flux

Did you miss last week’s webinar? Did you? Well, fear not. If you did, you can always watch it through this link. If you already registered, of course you don’t need to pay again. And if you didn’t, you might want to check out my considerations on a list of other things you can buy […]

Autodesk Live

I recently did a test on Enscape, and I was thrilled by its smoothness and many functionalities. Autodesk guys must have heard me, since a few days later they launched a service called Autodesk Live, which seems to be doing something similar. It takes your Revit model and allows you to: – render it better […]

Just a tiny experiment with Flux.io

a.k.a. how the hell did you manage without Flux all this time? When it comes to software and architecture, you have software that is considered to be cool and software with popularity issues. As a recently published case study demonstrates, Rhino and Grasshopper are still considered to be cool, but like medium-cool, like that chick who used to […]

27.05 (1)

When the Forma Mentis Training Centre entered its 20th year of activities, its owner Luigi Santapaga was all about celebrating. I’ve been teaching Revit for him since we met at my Autodesk Certified Instructor exam (he, the certifier; me, the extremely tired applicant) and I wasn’t surprised when he approached me about something like a party, to celebrate […]

Da Revit a Illustrator: una storia di sofferenza

Non sono animalista. Non sono pacifista. Non sono ambientalista. Mangio carne quotidianamente, ho un’auto a benzina (che tuttavia uso con parsimonia) e compro uova di galline allevate a terra solo perché trovo sia giusto dare un riconoscimento economico adeguato all’imprenditoria dell’allevatore che ha scelto la strada meno comoda. Non che io voglia parlare di questo, intendiamoci, […]

Da SketchUp a Revit con Formit (e tanta tanta pazienza)

Tanto tempo fa, in una galassia lontana lontana, una popolazione di piccoli e teneri orsacchiotti viveva pacificamente su una luna boscosa chiamata SketchUp. Vivevano in pace, facendo quello che gli ewok sanno fare meglio: agghindavano di fiori le principesse, si nutrivano di carne umana e adoravano il loro androide dorato. Il loro workflow era più o meno […]