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Integrating Building Envelope Design between Revit & Rhino Using Flux

Did you miss last week’s webinar? Did you? Well, fear not. If you did, you can always watch it through this link. If you already registered, of course you don’t need to pay again. And if you didn’t, you might want to check out my considerations on a list of other things you can buy […]

Thank God it’s Computational

Are you familiar with Vignesh Kaushik‘s blog about Computational Design? I’m sure you are, and shame on you if you’re not. On top of sending you an amazing newsletter every Friday, he’s hosting a great series of webinars. More than a blog, it’s growing into a platform for computational designers and digital designers to connect, mingle, […]

Digital&BIM: il “bilancio” del BIM User Group

4.000 partecipanti, oltre 100 aziende espositive, più di 250 relatori tra conferenza internazionale e arene. Questo è stato Digital & BIM in numeri, stando al comunicato stampa diramato dall’organizzazione. Per noi è stato questo ma anche molto, molto di più. Una grande occasione di scambio e networking. Un riconoscimento del valore che sta prendendo, almeno nel dibattito nazionale, […]

Let’s Play. Seriously. Let’s Play.

As some of you might know, I recently got my certification as a Facilitator in the LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® method. It was a marvelous experience in London, with Robert Rasmussen himself, alongside a bunch of incredibly talented and eclectic individuals from all around the world. It has been extremely interesting and, to me, these kind of training […]

Digital&BIM – Il BUG nell’arena “Progettazione e Networking”

Se qualche anno fa qualcuno mi avesse detto che avremmo visto una fiera sul BIM e gli strumenti digitali per l’edilizia, mi sarei messa a ridere. E non perché io non abbia fiducia nel livello di dibattito, ricerca, mestiere e sperimentazione, che si può raggiungere nel nostro Paese, lo sapete. Semplicemente perché nemmeno uno spirito […]

Specify my Asset

Yes, I know. Classification Systems are complicated. We already talked about them. They are often presented as “Necessary for BIM” (see the super-sharp article by John McPhee here) when in fact they are not and the reason is simple: BIM-enabling software already works based on a classification system of its own, it is within the very definition […]