Manuale per l’introduzione del BIM da parte della domanda pubblica in Europa

La recente pubblicazione della versione italiana ha riportato alla ribalta, almeno nel nostro Paese, questo documento pubblicato l’estate scorsa. Alla sua stesura, l’Italia aveva già partecipato come parte dello steering committee, con Angelo Ciribini e Pietro Baratono come rappresentanti e la partecipazione di ANAS con Italferr. Sul fronte italiano, il documento è forse il primo documento […]


Integrating Building Envelope Design between Revit & Rhino Using Flux

Did you miss last week’s webinar? Did you? Well, fear not. If you did, you can always watch it through this link. If you already registered, of course you don’t need to pay again. And if you didn’t, you might want to check out my considerations on a list of other things you can buy […]


Thank God it’s Computational

Are you familiar with Vignesh Kaushik‘s blog about Computational Design? I’m sure you are, and shame on you if you’re not. On top of sending you an amazing newsletter every Friday, he’s hosting a great series of webinars. More than a blog, it’s growing into a platform for computational designers and digital designers to connect, mingle, […]



I would like to take home one thing from this movie, which was bad in quite an unsurprising way. Well, ok, maybe it’s more things, but one is really more important and it’s this one: when you have a global conspiracy on your hands, and I mean it in the sense that the globe is the […]